Jobs at Garden Gorilla
Gorilla Plot Leaders

Plot leaders are required to take scraps of unloved land, street corners, school yards, roadside verges, traffic islands or collections of old buckets and kitchen sinks to turn them into an oasis of delicious food where nobody expects it.

Your community will think that you're a food super hero as you guide them towards victory over apathy. Your heart will sing and your pride will swell as those tiny seeds and shoots become juicy morsels full of so many kinds of nutrition and energy.

Please be aware that this position is open to anyone, anywhere and you won't be paid in anything but huge dollops of satisfaction and outsize onions.

You must be able to infect others with your enthusiasm and you will be expected to eat your own body weight in fruit and vegetables.
Gorilla Growers

Hundreds of positions have arisen for people with an appetite for food and smiles. 

You will be expected to poke around in muck, plant seeds and add water. Occasionally you may get wet but this will be offset by the relief that the heavens have opened and you won't need to water the plants much this week.

Your primary role will be focussed providing delicious fresh food for you, your family, your neighbours, your great aunt in Dumbarton and the bloke at work who really should get out more. 

Team players are desirable, especially if you know a few good knock knock jokes and you fancy firing up the BBQ on those lovely summer evenings to share what you've grown with the other Gorilla Growers living and working nearby.