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Incredible Edible Todmorden

August 2010 

Tony and Rav visited Todmorden this week to see what they are up to in Incredible Edible Todmorden.

Tod' (as the locals call it) sits high up on the bleak Yorkshire hills but in this incredible landscape an amazing transformation is taking place from grass roots by the people who live and work there.

From the canal to the roads, and police station to the railway station, the whole town is gradually being taken over with pocket allotments created, planted and tended by volunteers. Everyone is invited to 'pick your own' even if they don't look after that plot. Local farmers and market trades are now seeing the benefits of local produce as more people become enthusiastic for locally sourced fresh food.

All this has been done in less than three years and the message we brought back 
was clear and obvious - just do it! 

Although vandalism is thankfully almost non-existent even in the town centre, Incredible Edible Todmorden isn't without its problems. Water is has to be brought from houses and shops or drawn from the canal. We're going to share our current work on devising an irrigation system to help collect and store water on each plot.

Garden Gorilla needs volunteer Plot Leaders for pop up allotments and gardens right now. 

To get involved or if you have an idea for another location get in touch now.
A year ago this was just a little scrap of grass at the roadside.

The local Police station has a fine pair of planters including some stunning maize (sweetcorn to you and me).

Families stop for a minute to do a little weeding and check to see what's ready to take away.
Don't let a railway line stop you gardening on the embankment.

Dr Rav was especially interested in the apothecary garden at the local health centre. 

The lawn at the elderly interim care home has been transformed with produce for community and their own kitchen.