Garden Gorilla is creating allotments and gardens in schools all around the region and making it fun and easy for children to get their fingers mucky in the garden while learning about food and a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us to get involved either as a school, parent, community group or volunteer. 
For headteachers: 

We'll work with you to choose a suitable location on the school premises and then help to engage the community with the school. When the  day arrives we'll bring the garden to school, set it up and make sure that all you have to do it just add water and a little love.

The education pack will explain what you need to do to help your garden thrive. We'll also arrange a visit from an expert who will visit school to show the children and staff what they need to do to keep the garden growing.

Our experts are usually retired gardening enthusiasts from the local area who, after undergoing the necessary checks, will be your local point of contact for tips and advice. They can  visit the school regularly with the aim of helping you and the children with their garden.

You won't need to worry about school holidays either because they will make arrangements to keep the plants watered and healthy while school is closed.

What's in it for your school?

The Department for Children, Schools and Families wants schools to play a more active part in shaping attitudes to health including food, sport and physical activity, through the curriculum and wider school environment. 

They can encourage children to make informed choices by offering healthy food and drink options that reflect wh
at is taught in the classroom. 

Schools can provide many opportunities to be active, and offer access to health support services. 

There is good evidence that a multi-faceted approach, touching many different aspects of school life, is likely to be the most effective. This might include opportunities for physical activity, for cooking, for growing fruit and vegetables, an assessment of how and what children eat and drink, and offering access to health support services. 
For parents: 

Your little gorillas will have great fun learning how plants grow and how they become the food that we eat as the kids work towards the day when they harvest the food and bring it home for tea.

The school and our experts will be supported with education materials and you will also be encouraged to use ou
r online tutorials which will show you how to grow your own produce for the dinner table whether or not you have a garden.

For everyone:

After school clubs should be encouraged so the children can keep up their enthusiasm for learning all about growing their own food.

We'll also provide lots of tasty recipes designed to make the most of the fresh produce that your children bring home from school so 
you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour together. Best of all, you might not have the usual battle to get them to eat their vegetables in future!