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Key Stage 3 & 4

Units of Work 
The following units of work - for KS3 and KS4 - may be adopted or adapted for your use in the classroom. They have been produced to a format that is consistent with the national schemes of work units published by QCA (Qualifications & Curriculum Authority). 

Click here for a suggested Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work.

Each Unit of Work outlines the learning objectives for the unit and incorporates formative and summative assessment.

Teaching activities, ie. the experiences through which students will learn, are outlined. As a general rule, each unit represents approximately 10 hours of curriculum time but can be shrunk or extended according to the time available and your priorities, egs. you may already have included similar teaching activities in another unit of work, or may prefer to work in greater depth over a reduced range of activities.

To download units click on the titles below:
KS3: Starting With Breakfast introductory unit to KS3 food technology, basic skills of planning, production, safety and hygiene
KS3: Bringing Baking to Life bread and baking technologies
KS3: Ready, Steady, Cook developing knowledge and practical skills with vegetables to make soups and salads
KS3: Food In Fashion understanding trends and influences on food product development and focuses on the role of celebrity chefs
KS3: In the Test Kitchen understanding industrial design practices and developing designing skills
KS3: The Right Combination developing knowledge of nutrition and mealplanning and applying this to design and make main meal products
KS3:Foods Are Us a critical look at children's food and nutritional needs
KS3: All Systems Go understanding production systems and their control
KS3: In the Fast Lane understanding the snack market and the pros and cons of fast foods, designing and making healthier versions
KS4: Chill Out developing knowledge of processing practices and applying this to design and make cook chill meals suitable for the school canteen
KS4: Exploring Food Materials practical exploration of food functions and properties
KS4: Unit Operations unit operations and food processing systems
KS4: Let Them Eat Cake cake methods and making, CAD and CAM, industrial practices
KS4: Food Safety & Hygiene food safety and hygiene, HACCP and quality control