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Garden Gorilla is appearing, somewhere, everywhere, who knows where at the 2011 Sheffield Food Festival in July in Barkers Pool.

We're currently planning activities - get the latest news by checking Facebook and Twitter

Scheduled so far are Che Gorilla (naturally) Ask An Expert, Edible Flowers, food-to-go, School Growers, Touch Taste Smell Quiz, Compostastic, The Personal Autonomy ExperimentMadame Zuccini, The Alternative Allotment Waiting List, Taste Tideswell, and for the very brave, The Street Dentists

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Once again, we couldn't do it without our brilliant partners and volunteers. You all know who you are and how much we love you. 

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Thanks everyone

posted 12 Jul 2011, 05:06 by Tony Carroll   [ updated 12 Jul 2011, 05:19 ]

Now that the 2011 Sheffield Food Festival is over we need to have our rollcall of thanks. Lots of people contributed to making it a great success for Garden Gorilla and we genuinely couldn't have done it without the efforts of a great team that came together quickly, did great things, and then melted away into the night.

In no particular order; Caitlin, Nicola, MKM Building Supplies, Mark and Dawn at The Personal Autonomy Experiment, Neil Grant and Ferndale Garden Centre, Wisewood County Primary School, Reignhead Primary School, Coffee Moco, Sheffield Business SchoolEat Sheffield, Occudental, Keep Your Fork, Sheffield Is My Planet, Madame ZucciniEven Greener, and a very special mention to Nikki who kept everyone busy with her twitterings @FoodFestSheff.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday 10th highlights

posted 11 Jul 2011, 05:14 by Tony Carroll

Stilton - the 'King of Cheeses' Master Class with Master Stilton maker, Alan Salt at Sheffield Hallam University

Taste Real Food Yorkshire Afternoon Tea and Master Class at Sheffield Hallam University

Gourmet Farmhouse BBQ & Live Music at Whirlow Hall Farm by Silversmiths

City Centre

Festival Kitchen - Top of Fargate
Cream Teas and the best in Show Competition hosted by the WI; Chefs demonstration theatre featuring Gunstones Bakery; Andy Gabbitas, Jack Baker & Marco Caires, Norman Dinsdale, OCM & Andrew Ross & Tideswell School of Food

Festival Farm & Garden - Barker's Pool
Featuring Art in the Garden; Hiolly Tree Farm & sausage making demonstrations; Garden Gorilla, animals from Our Cow Molly Pizzatainment; Sow, Grow, Harvest, Cook and Eat; Make a Busy Bumble Bee in Barkers Pool

Festival Health & Wellbeing & Festival Market - Town Hall square & fargate
Showcasing Sheffield Food, lots of local producers and Deliciously Yorkshire

Festival Picnic - Peace Gardens
Eat the World Pop Up Mini Restaurant Marquees - Fusion Organic Café; Mosborough Hall Hotel Best Western; Street Food Chef; Kashmiri Aroma; Platillos; Amigos Mexican Kitchen; Sushi Express; Aargrah; Napoleans & Edo Sushi & a Real Ale Marquee plus entertainment from madame Zucchini

Restaurant Cafe & Bar Programme
Events: Kids Noodle Doodle Experience Day at Wagamama; Salmon & Strawberry lunch at 23 bar & restaurant; The Wig & Pen by the Milestone Pop Up Restaurant Fargate.
Taste Something New: The Street Food Chef, Lokanta, Cocoa Wonderland, The Milestone and The Wig & Pen
Festival Menus: Yorkshire Week Menu at 18Fifty5 @ The Copthorne Hotel; Henderson’s Relish Specials Menu at the Rutland Hotel; Wild Tapas at El Toro; A Celebration of Sheffield at Best Western Mosborough Hall Hotel; early bird menus at Artisan, Relish, the Cricket Inn, and the Inn at Troway; Spanish wine week @ Platillos; Morrocan Meze menu @ Ottos
Offers: Cubana, Nosh, Handmade Burger Company, 23 Bar & restaurant; Sakusi; Hong Kong Wok; Cunningham's at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria

Community & Fringe events
Recipe Swap in the Winter Garden, libraries and on-line; display of food books old and new in libraries, plus food books to browse and borrow; Beer Trails; Food For Thought at Ecclesfield Park; Farmers Market and Community BBQ in Stocksbridge; Taste Fruits From Around the World at Woodseats Festival
Full details

Fruity arrivals

posted 8 Jul 2011, 00:54 by Tony Carroll   [ updated 8 Jul 2011, 01:03 ]

This Food Festival has turned into a real team effort. Lee at All Seasons Fruit has sent us a stack of fresh produce for the Taste Touch Don't Eat Quiz at the Allotment Arena.

Cheers Lee!

(Here's Andrew about to collapse under the weight!)

East & West at the Wig & Pen

posted 7 Jul 2011, 22:58 by Tony Carroll

From @ExposedMagSheff we have a guest appearance from Clares Foodie Blog. Follow Clare on twitter @LoveToLiveToEat or email her

For me this Food Festival isn't just about the events, the restaurants and the food. It's also about the people, especially those with similar foodie interests. Hence I have made a real effort to meet with some fellow foodie bloggers.

On Monday I met with Steel City Kitchenand today I met with Nibbly Pig (also a deli food company in the making). Both are excellent bloggers and you should have a read of their reviews and general foodie ramblings.

Thankfully, although the showers have been on and off all day, lunchtime was dry and sunny as I set out to meet Nibbly. We'd already agreed that we would eat at the Wig & Penpop up (seriously, what am I going to do when this place disappears?) so no time was wasted in deliberating what we wanted to do.

As I'd already tried some of the Wig & Pen's offerings I headed straight for the East & West menu and went for my old favourite; a masala dosa (£4).

Dosas are a South Indian speciality. They're huge crispy pancakes stuffed with whatever you choose. They're pretty spectacular, mainly because of the sheer size of them!

Nibbly, keen to try something new also went for a dosa, but feeling braver than I, she chose the chilli variety.

Shortly after ordering, we made our way to the outdoor cooking area, where fresh food was being prepared, and picked up our enormous, perfectly formed dosas.

Now, they may look too much to handle, but we both cleared our plates, so don't let the size put you off. The pancakes were fresh and crispy and although I could have handled more heat in my filling (which was mainly made up of potato) the chutneys served alongside it really did pep the dish up.

It's great to see the Wig and Pen working alongside small independents like East & West. Having a bit of a presence in town will really let them show the people of Sheffield what they can do.

So if you have £4 to spare and fancy something a bit unusual for lunch this week, head down to East & West at the Wig & Pen pop up. You're gonna have to be quick though. Tomorrow is their last day.

If you do miss out, don't worry too much. East & West are based on Abbeydale Road and they are about to open a new place in Broomhill too. Check out my review here for more information.

Neil Grant added to the Allotment Arena line up

posted 7 Jul 2011, 14:59 by Tony Carroll

The one and only Neil Grant @NeilGGardens from BBC Sheffield and Ferndale Garden Centre will be joining Caitlin and Nicola with with the mysteries of edible flowers and our to be on our Ask The Expert panel. 

If you've got a question about a veggie disaster or a fruity conundrum you know where to come this weekend. 

All systems are GO

posted 7 Jul 2011, 14:45 by Tony Carroll

OK, we're ready. 

The final bits and bobs are being packed into the truck and we're ready for an early start in the morning. After a call in to Wisewood Primary earlier we came away with a fabulous display that the school had done to show off their Garden Gorilla gardens. We left the chickens this time but we did come away with a scarecrow who's going to show off the children's talents over the next few days.

The Personal Autonomy Experiment

posted 6 Jul 2011, 03:21 by Tony Carroll

Mark and Dawn are The Personal Autonomy Experiment and they will be at the Garden Gorilla Allotment Arena in Barkers Pool from midday on Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

In Mark's own words;

We’ve always thought of ourselves as a bit rebellious. Not ones to accept the authority of others easily. But having spent our lives working for other people, and being rewarded in our later careers with redundancy, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all a bit of a mug’s game.

But what are the alternatives and why do they all have such a negative image? The words “drop out”, “hippy”, “anarchist” all spring to mind. Perhaps a much better term is “Personal Autonomy”; a state of self-reliance without the need to accept the authority of others.

The Personal Autonomy Experiment is an enterprise that uses our skills, knowledge and resources to establish a sustainable, self-reliant way of living, without the need for a salaried job. We hope that what we learn will be of help to other people in our community, from people forced to retire early in a difficult jobs market, to those who want to improve their quality of life through better food or people who simply want to reduce their utility bills.

“I quit work, and we become as damn near self-sufficient as possible……it’ll be damned hard work, we won’t have much in the way of mod’ con’s but we might even enjoy discovering what we can do without, and we won’t need the world and his wife to give us the ‘ya” or “na”. It’ll be just us, doing it for us.”

Tom,Good – The Good Life – Episode 1 c BBC tv

In typical style...

posted 6 Jul 2011, 03:11 by Tony Carroll

... it's all coming together in the shortest possible time. Since we all have other things to do and also because it's holiday season we're a bit light on hours in the day to get things done.

BUT! We have the very best team imaginable and it's going to be great. 

Keep tuned!

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