East & West at the Wig & Pen

posted 7 Jul 2011, 22:58 by Tony Carroll
From @ExposedMagSheff we have a guest appearance from Clares Foodie Blog. Follow Clare on twitter @LoveToLiveToEat or email her live-to-eat@hotmail.co.uk

For me this Food Festival isn't just about the events, the restaurants and the food. It's also about the people, especially those with similar foodie interests. Hence I have made a real effort to meet with some fellow foodie bloggers.

On Monday I met with Steel City Kitchenand today I met with Nibbly Pig (also a deli food company in the making). Both are excellent bloggers and you should have a read of their reviews and general foodie ramblings.

Thankfully, although the showers have been on and off all day, lunchtime was dry and sunny as I set out to meet Nibbly. We'd already agreed that we would eat at the Wig & Penpop up (seriously, what am I going to do when this place disappears?) so no time was wasted in deliberating what we wanted to do.

As I'd already tried some of the Wig & Pen's offerings I headed straight for the East & West menu and went for my old favourite; a masala dosa (£4).

Dosas are a South Indian speciality. They're huge crispy pancakes stuffed with whatever you choose. They're pretty spectacular, mainly because of the sheer size of them!

Nibbly, keen to try something new also went for a dosa, but feeling braver than I, she chose the chilli variety.

Shortly after ordering, we made our way to the outdoor cooking area, where fresh food was being prepared, and picked up our enormous, perfectly formed dosas.

Now, they may look too much to handle, but we both cleared our plates, so don't let the size put you off. The pancakes were fresh and crispy and although I could have handled more heat in my filling (which was mainly made up of potato) the chutneys served alongside it really did pep the dish up.

It's great to see the Wig and Pen working alongside small independents like East & West. Having a bit of a presence in town will really let them show the people of Sheffield what they can do.

So if you have £4 to spare and fancy something a bit unusual for lunch this week, head down to East & West at the Wig & Pen pop up. You're gonna have to be quick though. Tomorrow is their last day.

If you do miss out, don't worry too much. East & West are based on Abbeydale Road and they are about to open a new place in Broomhill too. Check out my review here for more information.